A More Useful Groundhog

Happy marmot, people!

Whether you’re celebrating the day or ignoring everything, standing in front of your screen and playing casino games instead – it’s still good news to hear that spring is coming early this year! However, what I would like to know is whether marmots could be trained to make casino predictions.

Nova Scotia’s marmot Shubenacadie Sam and Ontario’s Wiarton Willie both emerged from their holes on a cloudy day so none of them saw their shadows. If the groundhog sees its own shadow when it emerges on Groundhog Day, it means for those who do not know that winter lasts six weeks longer. The accuracy of the predictions of marmots is between 75 and 90%.

Would not it be nice if we could find a groundhog that can make casino predictions with that accuracy? I am very happy to be able to pack my winter clothes earlier this year, but I would like to know where to get a groundhog that makes even more useful predictions – for example, whether it is a slot machine or not in the process of raining coins, or if blackjack is a happier choice than Baccarat on any particular day.

If I had one, I’d spend more time with Platinum Play Canada, preferably on the progressive slots with those big jackpots!