Microgaming software

When a new technology is introduced, there is usually a company that stands out as the one that has played the biggest role in shaping initial and ongoing development. In the world of online casinos, this company is Microgaming and it has been at the forefront of any significant development over the nearly 20 years that online casinos have existed.

Microgaming is the developer of the premium casino software that is on the market today. Almost all of the most successful online casinos, including the Platinum Play online casino, are based on Microgaming software, and this success is no coincidence, especially considering how hard it is to ensure that regularly new, high-quality games for its Casinos are produced.

It was Microgaming, which opened its first online casino in 1994, but calling it a pure software design company would lessen the incredible work it has done to make sure the online casino world is safer and fairer Place for everyone is players to play.

It all began when Microgaming helped establish a set of very strict guidelines that all online casinos should work for. These guidelines are primarily focused on the security and protection of player information. Microgaming also played a key role in setting up PlayCheck and CashCheck, allowing players to track not only their payouts and deposits, but also how their money was spent at the casino.

Microgaming has done so much for the industry as Platinum Play’s player experience proves, but it’s easy to forget that Microgaming is likely to be working on new games during the game to entertain us and improve security measures that make it possible us all safer than ever online. Next time you log in to Platinum Play, you should think a bit about how you can make your experience great when working behind the scenes.