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Every year, hundreds of thousands of Canadians cross the border to buy a little in the US, and an Indian tribe in Maine expects many of these people to come to and play a planned racetrack and casino complex.

The Passamaquoddy Indians are waiting for the results of an upcoming referendum, which will allow them to build the new multi-million dollar racetrack, casino and high-stakes bingo facility to attract part of Canadian traffic.

The area in which the proposed gambling utopia would go is currently experiencing tough times, and the tribe believes its racetrack casino with 1,500 gaming machines and conference facilities would help improve the area.

Currently, Canadian sportsbooks are only allowed to play multiple sports events with a single bet. However, if NDP MP Joe Comartin has his way, it will change so that the same players can place single bets on one-time sporting events. like the Super Bowl. The draft law has taken the first hurdle, but still needs to go through the Committee on Justice and Human Rights before going to the House in third reading. The bill could eventually stall here. Comartin is confident that he has enough support to prevent this, but time will tell.

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