Evolution of online gambling

Gambling has been around for thousands of years, in one form or another. So if you measure it against this time frame, online gambling can still be considered as the baby on the field. Against this backdrop, technology and security developments in their short existence have led online gambling to be at the top of the Internet in terms of spending money.

As the Internet really got going in the 90s, people saw the opportunity to set up an online gaming environment. But it was not until the small island nation of Antigua and Barbuda began issuing gambling licenses that this idea prevailed.

Many companies at the forefront of the online gambling boom acquired their gambling license, and Micro gaming was the first to open an online casino with its revolutionary software, which was and is the standard bearer for those who followed.

It was difficult for the new generation of casinos to prevail, as disagreements arose over the legality of the entire operation in various countries around the world, mainly for fear of security issues and possible fraud. These concerns were challenged by Microgaming, which introduced a standard code of ethics and fair play that was readily accepted by all major players.

By 2004, a nonprofit organization called eCOGRA was set up to oversee the way online casinos handled their business, from security to fair play and everything in between. They quickly became the seal of approval for all casinos who wanted to show that the industry is actually being run fairly.

The business has evolved and grown, and with casinos like the Platinum Play Online Casino struggling to make sure the online gaming experience is both entertaining and safe, the future looks very bright indeed.