Frost Bite slot game

The summer season is officially over and leaves are slowly falling from the trees. Most people literally shudder at the thought of the coming winter, but for the few brave souls who can not wait for the cold December air and the first flakes of the year, you have equipped Platinum Play with their latest 3 reels. Pub style slot game Frost Bite.

This is a game that is so cool that it’s almost freezing cold. The graphics are all done in different shades of blue, and the snowflakes and the little Jack Frost-looking character make a shiver run down your spine that bursts the goose bumps on your exposed skin.

Maybe it’s not the coldness that provokes this reaction, and maybe it’s just the excitement of the game and the prospect of cracking the 1600-coin jackpot.

This is the only place where it is good to be struck by frostbite, and this icon on the reels acts as a wild card and multiplier, all packaged in a small, cool package.

Frost Bite is a great game for inexperienced slots players to learn the basic rules of the game. With 1 pay line and a maximum bet of 2 coins, players can quickly grasp the fun of the slots game without having to spend a lot of money doing it.

That’s the beauty of Platinum Play. There are games that are fun for both the casino pro and the newbie gambler without losing quality or fun, but make sure that you do not press your tongue against the monitor during this game, as the coolness may be brings to a halt.