Hi-lo blackjack strategy

The popularity of blackjack has over the years spawned a variety of different strategies to try to extend the game in favor of the player. The random nature of the cards makes it a game in which the house has no real advantage, which means that a player with a bit of intelligence can really gain the upper hand over the dealer.

One way is to keep an eye on the cards using the Hi-Lo system. This is a basic formula that can help players achieve the much-needed benefit. It’s a pretty simple system where you have to keep a running count in mind to find out how many high or low cards are left. High cards benefit the player. So it’s clear how helpful it can be to keep up the running count.

All cards numbered 2 through 6 are assigned the value +1. Cards numbered 7 through 9 get a zero and the 10’s and face cards get -1. Then use the plus and minus systems to keep the count running. However, if you want to find out if this number is in your favor, you must also create a true count.

To do this, you need to know how many card games are in the shoe, and if you know this, divide your running number by the number of remaining card games. For example, suppose your running count is +12 and there are 3 decks left in the shoe, then the true count is +4. Whenever the true number is positive, it means that the odds are in your favor, while a negative value favors the dealer.

While there is no real way to know which card comes next, this method gives you an idea of ​​when to raise your bets a bit and when to stand. It takes some practice to gain the talent, and it should not be forgotten that this is not an exact science. This means that, as always, you should never bet more than you can reasonably afford to lose. The next time you play online blackjack, try this system!